Project Description



The residential barn is one of the most popular blocks in single-family housing in recent years. Modern design, spacious and bright interiors, as well as unconventional possibilities of arranging space on the first floor are the most important advantages of a house of the modern barn type. As FastHome, we come out to the lovers of such construction – you can make your dreams of a residential barn come true faster than you think!

A house of the modern barn type is built on the premises of our production site going through all stages of production until it is completely finished. Once completed at the production site, it is transported to its final destination. The foundation and installation of the modular house is done in one day. After furnishing, it is ready for full use. The Barn House is available in developer or turnkey standard. It is possible to later expand the house with additional modules.

It is possible to modify designs and build larger square meters.

It is up to the investor to prepare the foundation of the building – a foundation slab or point support.

  • Steel construction

  • Layered thermal insulation

  • PIR foam

  • Painted interior walls

  • Finished floor

  • Aluminium window joinery

Barn House 49/55

Build-up area: 34 m²

Floor space: 49/55 m²

Bedrooms: 1/2

Bathrooms: 1 + 1 WC upstairs (optionally)

Barn House with mezzanine (49 m²)

Barn House with a second floor (55 m²)

Barn House 69 m²

Build-up area: 51 m²

Floor space: 69 m²

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 1 + 1 WC upstairs (optional)

Also available version with mezzanine – 63 m²

Barn House 83 m²

Build-up area: 68 m²

Floor space: 83 m²

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 1 + 1 WC upstairs (optional)

Also available version with mezzanine – 77 m²

Barn House with balcony and terrace 55 m²

Build-up area: 41 m²

Floor space: 55 m²

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 1 + 1 WC upstairs

Also available version 69 and 83 m²

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